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We have changed the usual approach to making business app. Contrary to more or less accounting oriented solutions, we have made a project for data-driven, modern and supportive platform.

Accounting has become just a part of the package.

Our AI based Visio will give new, astonishing and precious insights to entrepreneurs.

Scalable and integrated cloud platform offers powerful tools to small and medium enterprises. It is a game-changing step into the modern business world.

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A unique game connecting virtual world with the real world, bringing sustainable changes into real life. Focused on improving education and offering children better possibilities for development and at the same time creating new generation of future world leaders.

The GAME is a part of Manage Your Waste model.



Clean the environment, separate waste, recycle, save flora and fauna > deep integration with the real life…



New approach to learning – play and practice a new language, revise biology, solve a maths problem, code in a new challenge…



Play at different locations in our virtual world, help a community clean their neighbourhood, unite with other players…



Play and make an impact in the real world with numerous projects to choose from. Player sees results and benefits of his/her involvement…



Local government projects – engage players in environmental actions (with compensation)…



Partially localized game development for local workforce engagement (+ our very secret recipe!)…



Be a proud sponsor! Discrete advertisements, platform for ‘green’ companies, socially aware model, new markets development…



A brand new education model! Broadly applicable and revolutional, with disruptive approach. A breakthrough platform for upcoming ages…



Play and help in a new way: Direct charity – personal and transparent! Teaching, money, sponsorship, donations… – act and show your love!

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We believe that now is a perfect time to make business in a new, more human way.

Our vision is to create solutions with an integrated approach, joining western technology and progress with eastern philosophy of living.

In that scenario, everyone has its own place. Every role is important. Every contribution is significant. Every benefit is valuable.