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Business Model

InovationPark has been planned to be a core of many investment projects. The characteristics of its portfolio allows multiple investment layers in every single case. However, the investment in InovationPark is the main starting point.


Some parts of our portfolio, mainly from waste management and construction areas, are suited for further investments. It means that the implementation of our product/service will ask for additional investment on our client’s side. Isn’t that an amazing chance for our investors and partners?


Investments in real estates, new technologies and inventions are always the subject of our interest. We have strong support of our European business partners to connect with Asian investors and businessmen.

Our Ideal Investor Would


  … the idea and the potential of InovationPark and its portfolio.

Have wide...

and diversified business connections.

Be ready...

to invest in a small team of very capable local professionals so that the company could proceed with its activities as planned.

I saw enough!

I’ve never seen such a brilliant business idea! Let’s shape the future together!

I want to know more...

Questions? Interest? Or just stepping by…. Let’s explore our technology page!

We believe that now is a perfect time to make business in a new, more human way.

Our vision is to create solutions with an integrated approach, joining western technology and progress with eastern philosophy of living.

In that scenario, everyone has its own place. Every role is important. Every contribution is significant. Every benefit is valuable.