The Business Model


Our portfolio might look as very diversified but it is actually very compact and interlaced. The main connection between all products is the usage of IT in the specific problem solving.

The portfolio consists of our partners’ products intended for open market. All of them are unique and modern with many advantages.

Moreover, we have planned and developed our own in-house products. Some of them are supported or based on our partners’ portfolio but integrated and developed in a specific way.


Localization is one of our first actions to be taken after funding.

Our market approach asks for a deep and detailed localization of all of our products (partners’ or in-house developed). This is the core of our market approach which has proven as an excellent point to positive market response.

Our in-house projects have been also planned from the start with high level of localization.


Our in-house projects are based on some of our partners’ products. However, they have planned to be developed in highly integrated way.

The leading idea during the planning of our in-house projects was to bring the usage of IT to the highest possible level at this moment. That way we want to improve the success rate of IT projects a lot above nine percent, which is the average rate nowadays.

We estimate that our development activities will generate more than seventy percent of our total income after 5 years.


Company Structure

Below you can find the graphical structure of InovationPark. Headquarters consist of three main departments and office which covers all common tasks needed to run the company.

Each department has its own program, but all of them are interlaced and tightly connected. However, our IT department will be the core of our in-house projects, which will be realized in the cooperation with other two departments.

Investment Models

We believe that now is a perfect time to make business in a new, more human way.

Our vision is to create solutions with an integrated approach, joining western technology and progress with eastern philosophy of living.

In that scenario, everyone has its own place. Every role is important. Every contribution is significant. Every benefit is valuable.