Characteristics & Benefits


Low Energy

A complete plant with press, bale wrapper and conveyors consumes no more than 10-40 kW/h. That comes out as low as approximately 1-1,5 kW per finished bale.

No Leakage
or Leaching

Poisonous substances can not be leached, since the stretch film effectively restrains all water from penetrating inside the bale (provided that the bales aren’t submerged in water).


The stretch film and the net for bale wrapping are environmentally friendly as well. They consist of polythene, which converts into carbon dioxide and water when incinerated.



clean and tidy storage and handling, without annoying smell


water-tight outdoor storage (provided that the bales are not submerged in water)

No Ignition

no self-ignition and fermentation due to the lack of oxygen inside the bale

Reduced Volume

reduced volume, approximately to the 1/3 of MSW volume


very economical and environmental for seasonal variations at MSW plants


preservation of the waste properties – no energy and mass loss

Tornado in Action



The Tornado model is our top-of-the-line version of the unique round baling system for waste fractions. It is a very energy efficient machine for handling and storing waste materials.


Our Breeze model is suitable for medium sized projects on sites that don’t require continuous operation 24 hours per day, but still need high reliability.


The Breeze Mini is a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal or temporary operation with high energy efficiency as an added bonus.

tonnes/hr (up to)

KW (power)

tonnes/hr (up to)

KW (power)

tonnes/hr (up to)

KW (power)

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