Global CityCom is the most valuable project for connecting people all around a city! Among all specifications, it offers very exclusive options compared to other solutions. And it suits all your needs!

Because it is tailor-made

Global CityCom is all about communication. Between people, and between people and public services as well! It offers free and unlimited flow of information.

The Time is Now!

It is not the future! IT IS NOW!

It offers a wide range of services intended to connect people and to give them information, options, news, directions…. It allows people to gather all the information they need.

At one place. With a touch or two.

User’s experience is highly important to us. Using this device is very simple and interactive. Touchscreen, sound & video media, clear & simple design!

For Exterior or Interior

Designed for harsh conditions and extremely frequent use; equipped with stainless steel chase and anti vandal protection, high-tech protective glass and many many more. All of those make Global CityCom a perfect choice for crowded places with constant flow of people.

Traffic stops (bus or metro stations), main squares, parks, shopping centers… just name the one!


Are you interested?

If you want to know more or need such an amazing solution, please send us a word or two by email.

We believe that now is a perfect time to make business in a new, more human way.

Our vision is to create solutions with an integrated approach, joining western technology and progress with eastern philosophy of living.

In that scenario, everyone has its own place. Every role is important. Every contribution is significant. Every benefit is valuable.