every country in the world is struggling to win the battle with the ever growing amounts of waste our consumer society generates each day. All the predictions say that in the future, the numbers are going to keep on rising.

Proper waste management can help make progress in many areas – it ensures health of the citizens, it makes cities safe and sustainable, it can provide new green jobs and with that promote sustainable economic growth and thus help end poverty, it can open new possibilities for sustainable energy production, provide inspiration for sustainable consumption and production etc.

t of MSW makes the world each year


remains uncollected


remains on landfills


is recycled/recovered


is converted to energy

Let's start a change!

Our Manage Your Waste model has been designed to use the latest technological solutions, connect them with already established idea of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and round it all up with the newest concept of Circular Economy.

The Manage Your Waste Model

Manage Your Waste is a unique waste management model planned as an open scheme for customization in communities which are struggling with waste.

The model consists of 4 phases, each independent, with its own focus, but also linked to other three phases. All phases can be implemented simultaneously but also subsequently, one after another.

The solution depends on the community and the actual development stage of each location.

Our in-house development

We have developed unique and innovative tools to steer the change towards modern waste management.

Our focus is on collaboration with local professionals and working together to implement the newest solutions.

Our in-house development tools are included in phase three and four of our MYW Model.

We aim to connect universities, local government and businesses and create a hub for collaboration that would steer a change towards a sustainable future.

Our business models are based on existing experiences from all around the world, but adjusted to local social and economic conditions.

Our game idea is about sustainable waste management for mobile phones and Facebook.

It is focused on raising awareness, education and helping people realize their actions can make a difference. It connects the virtual world to the real world giving people opportunity to be a part of the sustainable changes in real life.

Different locations allow everyone to virtually experience various affected places around the world.

Dedicated to empowering girls and encouraging children to dream big, learn about positive thinking, mindfulness, protecting the environment and doing good things.

Focused on Environment protection, Zero Waste practices and Circular Economy idea, with the goal to create better world leaders for the future.

We have developed an idea for worldwide campaigns related to Waste Management and Sustainable Development Goals that would get attention from the most important organizations in the world and could get sponsorship from the biggest world companies.

It is meant to empower the people, and allow them to be a part of the solution. The goal is to remind people that we are all living on the same planet and help them feel the connection between us all.

Education is the most powerful tool to achieve change.

Our educational programs would equip local teams to help changing their communities for the better. Our model offers educational workshops, knowledge sharing, and continuous support.

We believe that now is a perfect time to make business in a new, more human way.

Our vision is to create solutions with an integrated approach, joining western technology and progress with eastern philosophy of living.

In that scenario, everyone has its own place. Every role is important. Every contribution is significant. Every benefit is valuable.